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Truth and Life Paranormal was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 2015. Managed by Founder and Lead Investigator Tyler Hilt, his goal is to investigate claims of paranormal activity and document it in a clear and concise manner. Todays society is still not certain rather the phenomenon of the paranormal exists. Giving deep insight on investigations and any recorded activity to educate the public is a top priority. Truth and Life Paranormal investigates  businesses, residential, and public properties in attempt to capture paranormal activity. Located In The Phoenix, Arizona area, Investigating surrounding states is also possible (California, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, etc.) With the internet being a big part of society, it is his goal to use the technology to spread his work. By documenting investigations and possible evidence, hopefully this field stays an important topic for future generations.

Truth and Life Paranormal was founded in 2015 but got going in 2017. Tyler has been studying the paranormal for 14 years and has had a share of experiences when exploring the paranormal world. With so many believers, experiences, and claimed evidence, the paranormal is still looked down upon by mainstream society or not investigated enough. It is our hope that our investigations can be looked upon in the future and change the paranormal field for the better.

Recent Paranormal Investigation
Pioneer Saloon 01/08/2021